The expression: Girl Friday

A Girl Friday è una efficientissima tuttofare (una segretaria, un’assistente personale), l’espressione deriva probabilmente da Man Friday, il Venerdì di Robinson Crusoe…

Mark Worden (Standard British accent)
A Girl Friday is a female employee (1) in a company with a large number of duties (2). She could be a secretary, for example, or somebody’s personal assistant. It is believed that this expression was invented in the 1930s. It is, of course, based on the character (3) of Man Friday in Daniel Defoe’s famous novel of 1719, Robinson Crusoe. You may recall (4) that Man Friday was a noble savage whom Crusoe saved from a certain death (5). This episode took place on a Friday and that is why he was given this name. Friday is so grateful to Crusoe that he becomes his faithful (6) servant. Girl Friday was also the name of a  British TV series of the 1990s starring Joanna Lumley. This also took place on a desert island.


1. employee: impiegata
2. duties: compiti, mansioni
3. character: personaggio
4. recall: ricordare
5. death: morte
6. faithful: fedele

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