Cookery: Old Fashioned Donuts

I donuts! le ciambelle preferite da tutti i poliziotti (almeno quelli cinematografici e televisivi) d’America! Il dolce preferito di Homer Simpson, una leccornia da gustare appena atterrati negli Usa… oppure da provare a fare a casa: ecco come!


Old Fashioned Dough (1)
2 cups cake flour (2)
2 tbsp (3) butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg yolk (4)
1/3 cup sour cream (5)
1 tsp (6) baking powder (7)

Glaze (8)
3 tbsp cream cheese
3-4 tbsp water
1 cup powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract or paste (fresh pods work as well (9))

Preparation method:

Hey what’s up guys? Welcome back! Today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious old-fashioned donut recipe.

So, first up, you’re going to cream some butter and some sugar together in the electric mixer for about two minutes on medium speed. Then you’re going to add one egg yolk, your sour cream and some baking powder, and continue mixing for another two to three minutes on that same speed just until everything is incorporated together. Then you’re going to start slowly adding your cake flour. I just like to divide this up into three parts and add a part at a time.

Once that’s all added, you’re going to switch out the whisk attachment to the dough hook and knead (1) this for five to six minutes, and this is going to be the dough for your old-fashioned donut.

Alright, so once your dough has come together, you’re going to generously flour a working surface (2) with some cake flour, then you’re going to dump (3) the dough out straight onto that working surface, sprinkle (4) a little bit more cake flour straight on top, just so the rolling pin doesn’t stick (5) to the sticky dough, and then you’re going roll this out to about a quarter of an inch thickness (6), and then all there is to do is punch out (7) your donuts. You can use ring cutters (8) like I have here, but, really, you could even trace these by hand if you, you know, feel comfortable doing that with a paring knife (9), or just use several different sizes (10) of cups, but, like I said, just punch these out with whatever you got (11).

Alright, so, once you’ve punched out all your donuts, you’re going to fill a pot halfway up with some canola oil (12) and bring it up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (13), drop your donut in there and you’re going to cook it for about three to four minutes, and during the frying process, you’re probably going to flip it at least (14) two to three times and, once it’s beautifully golden brown and starts to burst and have that little cracked ridge (15) around the top of the donut, that’s when you know it’s done, then you’re going to take it out, let it rest on a dry paper towel, just to blot off any of excess of grease (16), and all there is to do is glaze these guys up.

Now, as far as glazes go, you can go as crazy as you want with whatever flavors you really enjoy with your old-fashioned donut, but here I’m doing something pretty traditional with the exception of adding cream cheese, but the ingredients are whipped cream (17) cheese, powdered sugar, some warm water and a little bit of vanilla bean paste. Whisk all the ingredients together until they form the glaze, and then you’re going to dip your donuts inside this glaze  with the rippled side down, just so it coats the top of the donut beautifully. Let these rest on a plate for about 10 to 15 minutes, just until the glaze sets, and that’s it, guys: here are your good old-fashioned donuts!

Alright, guys, donut week is official with these old-fashioned donuts. I’m really excited about these, they look pretty delicious. I definitely enjoy a good old-fashioned donut. I don’t know if it’s my number one pick, but if there’s a good old-fashioned donut variety available, I will definitely choose it just because I like the little ripples (18) on the top, it’s… it has a really nice cakey texture, it’s kind of crispy on the outside, it’s a… it’s a good donut. So let me try this out, see how it is.

With this frosting (19), it looks so good, it’s like all perfectly glazed, just slightly hardened (20) on the outside, but it’s still kind of tender and creamy.

I love old-fashioned donuts! It’s because they have a little bit of crisp… like crispy crust on the outside ‘cause it’s almost like a… a sticky cake dough, so when you fry it, it just fries up nice and crispy. It has a nice, tender crumb (21) in the middle. This frosting is killer!

Well, I think I definitely nailed this one down! I’ve… man, old-fashioned donuts is… they’re definitely fun to make!

They’re definitely different than a classic donut just ‘cause, like I said, they sort of burst at the seams, and cause that little ripple effect on top, which is so good, but these were a blast to make. You guys need to try these out, share it with your friends and family, and enjoy just a really good morning. I mean, this, with a cup of coffee, that’s a good breakfast!

So, hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video. If you, did please thumbs up. Subscribe, comment below for future video requests, things you want to see on my channel, and, of course, this recipe will be on my website,, so click on the annotation, go check that out, (there’ll) be a full recipe breakdown, and, yeah, I’ll see you guys next time with another delicious recipe. Bye, everybody!



old fashioned dough: impasto alla vecchia maniera
2 flour: farina
3 tbsp: tablespoonful (cucchiaio da tavola)
4 egg yolk: uova intero
5 sour cream: panna acida
6 tsp: teaspoon (cucchiaino)
7 baking powder: lievito in polvere
8 glaze: glassa
9 fresh pods work as well:  vanno bene anche i bacelli freschi

Preparation method:

1 to switch out the whisk attachment to the dough hook and knead: cambiare la frusta dell’impastatore per impastare
2 flour a working surface: infarinate una superfice di lavoro
3 to dump: mettere, gettare
4 sprinkle: spolverare, spargere
5 doesn’t stick: non si appiccica
6 a quarter of an inch thickness: spesso circa 6 mm
7 punch out: fare un buco
8 ring cutters: una formina a forma di anello per tagliare
9 paring knife:  coltellino
10 several different sizes: di diverse dimensioni
11 whatever you got: qualsiasi cosa abbiate
12 fill a pot halfway up with some canola oil: riempire a metà una pentola con dell’olio di colza
13 375 degrees Fahrenheit: 190°C
14 to flip it at least: girarle almeno
15 cracked ridge: crosta spaccata
16 to blot off any of excess of grease: asciugare tutto il grasso in eccesso
17 whipped cream: panna montata
18 ripples: increspature

19 frosting: glassa
20 just slightly hardened: solo leggermente indurito
21 crumb: briciole

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