Cookery: French Toast

Quante volte guardando film e serie tv americane avete sentito di colazioni a base di scrambled eggs and French Toast? Con le uova strapazzate, per il momento, ce la caviamo… ecco invece la ricetta dei French Toast!


2 whole (1) eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 tbsp (2) sugar
1 tsp (3) salt
1/8 tsp cinnamon (4)
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg (5)
1/8 tsp ground cloves (6)
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup of cream
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 vanilla bean (seeded)(7)

Preparation method:

What is going on, everybody? Today I’m going to show you a very simple French toast recipe.
I’ve had a lot of requests for this in my past videos in the comments sections. A lot of you
thumbsed it up (1) and so I figured, you know, “Why not show you my take on (2) French toast?”

Obviously, I always like to do my own spin (3) on things; classic recipes, my own recipes, and my spin on this is I’m using sourdough bread (4), as opposed to sort of like a brioche or a cakier, white bread.

Sourdough tends to be a little bit more dense, which yields (5) a really crispy (6), nice crust on it, so that’s what I really love about French toast, is getting that really, you know, crispy, and try to stay away from getting really egg-soaked (7) bread.

So, really, with all that I said just, let’s just get in the kitchen and start making this French toast, and hope you guys enjoy.

So I’m going to start the recipe off by making the batter (8) that you’re going to soak (9) the toast in before you fry it. The bulk (10) of this is usually just eggs, but I like to incorporate milk, just so it doesn’t have such an eggy flavor (11). Also, this is a good time to incorporate flavor, so I’m going to add a little bit of brown sugar, a pinch of salt and ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Just make sure you whisk (12) this mixture very well, so all the spices and flavorings are incorporated evenly.

Here I’m just going to cut my bread about an eighth of an inch thick (13), and this is some sourdough that I just picked up from the market.

So just put about a tablespoon of butter into a low to medium heated pan (14), start soaking your toast and layering ‘em (15) in the pan, and you’re going to cook this for about two to three minutes on each side.

So, once your French toast is beautifully golden brown and crispy, take ’em out of the pan and block any excess fat off on a dry towel, just so it doesn’t get soggy (16).

Now all you have to do is just transfer the toast onto a plate, make it beautiful and top ‘em with any of your favorite things that you love. Here’s just a little bit of maple syrup and a nice little dollop of whipped cream (17).

It has a… a fluffy texture (18), but it’s really crispy on the outside and the sourdough just gives it a really, you know, different twist to it that I really enjoy

So, if you enjoyed this recipe, please thumbs up and subscribe, that way you can see all the videos… future videos that I have, and please share this with your friends and family and that’s why did these videos, and see you guys next time.



1 whole: intero
2 tbsp: tablespoonful (cucchiaio da tavola)
3 tsp: teaspoon (cucchiaino)
4 cinnamon: cannella
5 ground nutmeg: noce moscata macinata
6 ground cloves: chiodi di graofano macinati
7 vanilla bean (seeded): bacello di vaniglia (senza semi)

Preparation method:

1 thumbsed it up: avete dato l’ok (“thumb up” significa “pollice in su”)
2 my take on: la mia interpretazione
3 spin: interpretazione, manipolazione
4 sourdough bread: pane di lievito naturale
5 which yields: che produce
6 crispy: croccante
7 egg-soaked: impregnato di uova
8 batter: pastella, impasto
9 soak: immergere
10 bulk: la massa, il grande quantitativo
11 flavor: gusto, sapore
12 to wish: sbattere
13 an eighth of an inch thick: spesso un ottavo di pollice, circa 3 mm
14 heated pan: padella riscaldata
15 layering ‘em: stratificarli
16: block any excess fat off on a dry towel, just so it doesn’t get soggy: eliminare ogni grasso in eccesso su uno strofinaccio asciutto, così non diventano mollicci, fradici
17 maple syrup and a nice little dollop of whipped cream: sciroppo d’acero e una bella cucchiaiata di panna montata
18 a fluffy texture: una consistenza soffice

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