Visit London – Warner Bros. Studio Tour, The Making of Harry Potter

Dan Quirke ha fatto la comparsa nei film di Harry Potter e ora lavora negli studi della Warner Bros, dove è stata girata la saga del famoso maghetto. Gli studios si possono visitare! Qui i dettagli:

Dan Quirke (Standard British accent)

Before I worked as a tour interactor, I worked as an extra on the Harry Potter films and that was absolutely incredible for me because I’ve always been a massive Harry Potter fan and I’ve grown up around the area and I’d always drive past the studios and I’d see all the big studio lights and I’d see the tips of the sets and I was just dying to get in there and have a look around. We’ve opened our doors to show the thousands of Harry Potter fans that are around the world the amount of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into the films. If you look up, that’s the real Great Hall ceiling there. And that’s something people get to see when they come here. Probably the most important piece of makeup on the Harry Potter films – there you go – you can see Harry’s lightning bolt there. And that had to be applied to him every single morning using this.
Up here, this is a stencil of his forehead. So they could put it on and make sure the scar’s in the same place every single day. This is the Mirror of Erised. And across the top it looks like Latin or some ancient language. But if you read it backwards it says, ‘I show not your face but your heart’s desire’.
London has quite a lot of connections with Harry Potter herself. For example, King’s Cross. Obviously that’s where they go and board the train to Hogwarts and it does feel really magical when you’re there. They’ve even got the little cart in the wall as well.
Diagon Alley for me really reminds me of some of the older markets in London  like in Camden you’ve got all the vintage markets. And you can spend hours just walking around there, looking for little treasures and trinkets and stuff.
I’ve got a huge passion for the film industry so the thing I love about London is walking through the streets and recognising all those really iconic locations from famous films. And it is like being in a movie. It’s like starring in your own little film.

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