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La metropolitana di Londra è una delle icone inglesi più sfruttate e note al mondo. Mark Jenner lavora come supervisore alla stazione di Morden, ecco la sua storia!

Mark Jenner (Standard British accent)

I’m a Station Supervisor at Morden underground station. I’ve worked for the underground since 1996. My mum was a milliner in London, so we used the tube all the time. That’s where my passion started. My favourite part of the job is when I work nights. People go out for a nice evening, eating and drinking, get on a nice warm train on the way back and fall asleep, and I go down and wake them up. I’m now known as the wakey-wakey man at Morden.
Also, it’s rewarding when you give directions to someone. Someone wants to go somewhere in London. Then they come back at the end of the day, on their way back, and say thank you. It’s an integrated transport system. We’ve got the Emirates AirLine, which is the cable car across the Thames, Docklands Light Railway, we’ve got the river boat, we’ve got Barclays Cycle Hire. You’ve got the underground and you’ve got London buses. The vibrancy of the city… The city is such a cosmopolitan city. Borough Market is one of my favourites. It’s exciting to be in there, listening to all the different sounds, smelling all the different smells and tasting different foods. I absolutely adore the Southbank, walking along there. You’ve got the London Eye. Then as you look round, you’ve got Westminster, Parliament. As you walk down further, you’ve got Tower of London, Tower Bridge. Then if you just walk over Tower Bridge and do a right, you’ve got St Katharine Docks. Walking round all those beautiful boats moored up. Anything by the water is where I love being. I’m ageing a little bit now, and in my years I still find something new every time I visit London.

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