La parola “argument” non significa argomento, che si dice “subject, topic”, ma “discutere”: il fantastico mondo dei falsi amici!

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)
The word “argument” is a false friend in English. It doesn’t mean “argomento,” which could be translated as “subject,” while the English word “argument” could be translated into Italian as “discussione” or “litigio.” There is also the word “discussion” in English, but it refers to a friendly intellectual debate, rather than a fight (1). And then there is the verb “to argue,” which has two meanings: the first is to present your position, or to present your case, while the second is, quite simply, “litigare.” For example: “It’s very hard (2) for us to sleep at night because our neighbours (3) are always arguing!”

1. rather than a fight: piuttosto che a una battaglia
2. hard:
3. neighbours:
vicini di casa

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