Many thanks!

An English teacher told a student of mine that using “Many thanks” as a reply to a Business letter isn’t formal enough. What is a better alternative in this case, both for the reply and the translation? Many thanks :-) Patrizia

The English teacher in question is “old school.” “Many thanks” might have been considered too informal back in the 1950s but in today’s more friendly business environment it’s acceptable. “Thanks,” on the other hand, is still perhaps a bit too informal (at least in a business letter).
The best thing is probably to start with “Dear xxxxx, Thank you for your letter of… etc.”
In the good old days, at the end you might have said something like: “Thanking you for your attention in this matter” but it really is a bit old-fashioned. If you’re too formal in a business letter these days it can even sound threatening.
“Many thanks,” on the other hand, is a perfect translation for “molte/tante grazie.”

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