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language blog okCiao, vorrei chiedervi l’uso di neither perché ho molta confusione!! Grazie. Francesco

Basically, it’s a negative version of either, and is like the Italian words “né” “neanche” “neppure” and “nessuno” (but only in the sense of “nessuno dei due”).
In English a “positive choice” is expressed by “either… or,” while a “negative choice” is expressed by “neither… nor.”
Some examples:

“Critics say that this film is both a comedy and an adventure story, but in my opinion it’s neither one thing nor the other.”

A: “Do you think that train timetables are interesting?”
B: “No, I don’t!”
A: “Neither do I!”

“My wife and I went on holiday to Albania last year, but we didn’t really enjoy it because neither of us speak the language.”

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